Folklore competitions with participants jury

In addition to the non-competitive events interested groups and ensembles will be offered to participate in a competition with participants jury.
The competition takes place at the International Folklore Gala (evening event) on Saturday, 27/05/2017.

Registration deadline is January 31, 2017

The following groups can participate in the folklore competition:
– Dance groups, traditional costume and folklore groups with traditional dances, adaptations of traditional dances or specially arranged dances with instrumental accompaniment or CD.
– Folklore and music groups with an exclusively instrumental performance.
– Singing ensembles with instrumental accompaniment with up to 12 members (instrumentalists included).

Folklore events without competition

Folk dance, folk music and folklore groups have the opportunity to present themselves and the traditions of their home country to an international public at various daytime and evening events during the festival.

Registration deadline is January 31, 2017

Detailed information can be found at the syllabus area.